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Jaguars ROAR! (The ROAR of the Jaguars: Respectful; Open Minded and Open Hearted; Accountable; Restorative) 
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About Us

Welcome to Charles White Elementary School and Charles White Visual Arts Magnet Center! Our Jaguars tackle teaching and learning opportunities embedded in real life context. They apply the Code of the Jaguars to all their actions and activities. This code require Jaguars to be Respectful, Safe, Responsible, Resilient, in a context of Restorative Practices! 8-10am, Call, 213-487-9172 to reserve a spot and hear the ROAR of the Jaguars! 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that we develop students, who are knowledgeable, emotionally and physically healthy, and critical thinkers who are prepared for social and academic success.