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Charles White Visual Arts LACMA Magnet Center is committed to providing students with arts-integrated curriculum designed to challenge and prepare students for the 21st century. Visual arts strategies serve as bridges to access the core curriculum, including but not limited to reading comprehension, the writing process, English language development, math problem-solving, science, and social studies. School-wide arts integration facilitates transfer of knowledge across content areas and vertical alignment across grade levels. We endeavor to provide diverse and culturally-relevant experiences within the arts. The Charles White Elementary LACMA gallery, located on our campus and operated by LACMA curators and educators, provides enriching and extensive learning opportunities. We want our students to excel in academics and in art, to build cultural resiliency and to have access to creative responses to their challenges.


Mission Statement

Our fully-integrated visual art and academic curriculum promotes higher level thinking skills, such as problem solving, patterning, critical assessment, logical reflection and creative thinking. Our students will connect art to key concepts, create interdisciplinary projects and build healthy, resilient mindsets with and within visual arts.